About the founder


About the Founder

Originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey, I moved to Linden, New Jersey when I was 11 years old. I always wanted to be an engineer because I was great at math, but my senior year in high school my dreams would change. When I took a television production class, I found my destiny. The class produced narrative sequences, public service announcements, commercials, and short films. The production class was the only class I was looking forward to on my college prep schedule.

After graduating from high school, I enrolled at Delaware State University and majored in Television Productions. The first week of school we had access to the television studio and other facilities. My freshmen class had a great senior class to be mentored by. We produced talk shows, sports, music videos, and short films. I was fortunate the classes were small, and I learned from instructors who worked in the industry. I spent late nights and early morning in the studio learning animations and video editing with a senior named Victor “Sean” Woodall. There were nights I didn’t eat dinner because I was so eager to learn this new technology. After mastering the television studio, I was hired to run the campus station as the Television Station Manager for two consecutive years. I received professional experience off campus. I worked as a camera operator for Comcast and worked with my professors on video productions outside of class.

I worked on a nationally syndicated television show called “Forgive or Forget,” and I did some freelance work with MTV Networks, BET, and other independent companies in New York City. What I learned whether the production was large or small, hard work and dedication speaks for itself. After my internship was over with “Forgive or Forget,” I remember the executive-in-charge asked me, dude, you want a job, and I replied dude yes. At that moment I knew it’s not only who know, but also your work ethic and your ability to work with others to reach your goals.

I always had aspirations of teaching one day because I wanted to show someone else how to reach their dreams. Generally speaking I enjoy helping others. I decided to assist a mentor with setting up a campus television station, and moved to Orangeburg, South Carolina. I accepted the job as a Media Specialist for Claflin University, and since the department was understaffed, I instructed the Television Production I and Television Production III courses. A job that I expected to be at only for three years has turned into ten years. I branched off to teaching kids Television Production in summer camps that consisted of kids from the age of five to 17. The classroom gives me the best of both worlds, I have the chance to teach students something I am passionate about and assist the students in reaching their goals.

My journey could of have been totally different if it wasn’t for the influence of mentors and friends. I have found life not to be easy, but with determination and hard work the sky is the limit. Because of my environment, struggles, and most importantly my attitude to refuse to quit; I consider myself an underdog. I am here to find others within the local community and tell their well-deserved story.