Damion Johnson is pursuing his dream while teaching students to do the same

Damion Johnson is an Orangeburg native who is chasing his dream of doing art full time.

Johnson recently held his an art exhibition at Claflin University on Thursday, January 21. What most don’t know is that Johnson is more than an artist. He also is a small business owner and a teacher. Johnson owns Fadez Barbershop located at 115 Boulevard Street in Orangeburg and teaches at Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School.

Johnson begins his day by getting up in the morning at 6:30 AM to teach his first class at 7:30 AM and teaches his last class at 2 PM. After the school day, he goes home to change and drives to the barbershop to cut hair from 4 PM to 9 PM. After work, he heads home to work on his passion, art.

Johnson has many responsibilities and finds time to work towards his goals while influencing students to do the same. With a hectic schedule Johnson endures during the week, he doesn’t find time to be one his challenges he faces.

Johnson said, “Two challenges I face, is one as a teacher, limited resources for students in the classroom; and second as an artist is gaining the proper exposure.”

Johnson doesn’t let any challenges stop him from achieving his goals and assisting his students. His peers have admired his leadership.

Curtis Hart, a friend of Johnson for 17 years said, “Damion has been a guy who can talk to about anything, and his passion for art shows through his dedication and hard work. I like how he brings a realistic view to abstract art.”

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