South Carolina filmmaker wants to lead the next generation of feature films

Fanatik Productions crew sets up for film shoot in Power Springs, Georgia for the 48hr Film Project Competition. (Underdog

Fanatik Productions crew sets up for film shoot in Power Springs, Georgia for the 48hr Film Project Competition. (Underdog Reports/A.Hall)

Thaddeus Jones, Jr. is a filmmaker who plans to lead the next revolution of feature films shot in South Carolina. South Carolina is not known for hosting feature films, but Jones hopes to change that soon.

Many actors and actresses are born in South Carolina such as Viola Davis and Chris Rock. Also, over 100 featured films were recorded in South Carolina, for example, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, starring Jim Carrey, and Dear John starring Channing Tatum. Each state has at least one iconic feature film that was recorded in their borders. South Carolina has The Big Chill, which was released in 1983 and was known for launching Meg Tilly’s career and addicting millions to a Motown Soundtrack.

Despite many actors and actresses being born in South Carolina, many of them moved when they were younger and were raised elsewhere. Despite many feature films are recorded in South Carolina, there are not as many features filmed as in California, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, and Massachusetts.

Jones, the founder of Fanatik Productions, LLC, is looking to changing the film culture in South Carolina. Jones believes by recording more feature films it will bring recognition to filmmakers and the state.

Jones knew he was destined for filmmaking when he held a video camera for the first time in third grade. When Jones got older, he would take different paths and no of them was towards film production. Then one day a friend involved with film reintroduced him to the art. On his second encounter with film production, Jones remembered what his destiny was and this time he was going to follow his passion.

Jones worked for several nationally televised shows such as American Idol, Hoarders, VH1 Rock Docs and X-factor. Along with working on several nationally televised shows he started his production company, Fanatik Productions, LLC.

Jones now focuses his vision on his new feature film Tattoo, which he hopes will assist with bringing recognition to himself along with other filmmakers in South Carolina.   He believes the film industry can assist South Carolina with jobs and economic growth as it has with other states around the U.S. For example, in 2013 18 films created 13,690 jobs in Louisiana, and of $976 million budget, $750 million was spent within the state.

Jones begins the recording of his feature film Tattoo in October 2016 and plans to complete the project by third quarter of 2017. The film is about a young man who never took risks and living life with regret. One thing is for sure Jones is not the man who his film is about as he chases his dreams.



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