South Carolina filmmaker wants to lead the next generation of feature films

Thaddeus Jones, Jr. is a filmmaker who plans to lead the next revolution of feature films shot in South Carolina. South Carolina is not known for hosting feature films, but Jones hopes to change that soon. Many actors and actresses are born in South Carolina such as Viola Davis and Chris Rock. Also, over 100 featured films were recorded in South Carolina, for example, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, starring Jim Carrey, and Dear John starring Channing Tatum. Each state

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Photography funds community service in Orangeburg

Keylon Singleton uses his photography talents and profits to fund community service programs in Orangeburg. Besides the YMCA, extracurricular activities are limited in Orangeburg. The only movie theater in Orangeburg, Camelot 4, closed in January of 2013 and the only bowling alley, All-Star Triangle Bowl, closed in 2007. The closest movie theater and bowling alley are approximately 45 to 50 miles located in Columbia. Other notable businesses that closed in the past five years were Piggly Wiggly, Reids, KFC, and

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