Team Hustle’s Annual Cookout: Strengthening the community and changing lives.

Eric Clark, Team Hustle's Founder Mayor Michael Butler

Eric Clark, Team Hustle’s Founder & Mayor Michael Butler

Team Hustle, a company known in the past for music is turning their attention to community service. Team Hustle’s Annual Cookout is scheduled to focus on anti-bullying, leadership, and promoting unity within the community.

Team Hustle is hosting their third annual cookout on Sunday, September 13. The event is from 1 PM to 6 PM at the Harmon Park located at 1258 College Ave in Orangeburg, SC. The cookout is open to everyone and focuses on nonviolence, leadership, and encouraging kids to work hard and do well in school.

Team Hustle’s Annual Cookout is not only popular in the community, but also attracted people from neighboring states, North Carolina and Georgia. The event attracted city councilmen and the Mayor of Orangeburg, Michael Butler.

The Annual Cookout created by Team Hustle’s founder, Eric Clark, found his motivation to start the event because of his uncle’s death during 9/11.   He wanted to start something his uncle would have done if he were still alive today; to uplift the community.   Clark states, “it’s all about giving back to the community, and trying to help strengthen it.”

The cookout receives sponsorships from Glover Bondsman, Kenny Bondsman, the Locals Pub, and Glover Funeral Home. “Sometimes sponsorship comes from unexpected places and people. Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell came by and donated pencils and book bags last year,” according to Eric Clark.

In 2014, the event brought out over 200 people, and this year Team Hustle is expecting the same. The event will consist of food, music, school supplies and a positive atmosphere for everyone in the community. Team Hustle wants the community to leave their wallets and purses at home. For more information on the event or on becoming a sponsor visit


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