The Dreamer Who Dared to Listen to His Dreams

Photo by Quinton Whipper

Quinton Whipper was born and raised in Mt. Vernon, New York. He always knew his destiny at a young age, which was to start his own business. His mother, Michelle Whipper, said Quinton was always trying to make money even as a child. He would take candy to school and sell it to other children.

The journey to his dreams would not come easy nor would it come when he wanted. After graduating high school, he went to South Carolina State University to major in Business Management, a major that would assist him in his pursuit of his dreams.

After graduating, he went to work as a supervisor at Title Max. The money was decent especially for Orangeburg, South Carolina, but still he felt something was missing. He started his promotions and entertainment company and began promoting events and parties at local clubs. Unfortunately, his business venture would be short lived. Despite his success, the money coming in was inconsistent to provide for his family.

Months later, Quinton would find himself working behind a desk at Blue Cross Blue Shield. Again, the money he was making was sufficient, but he still found himself doing something he did not like. Quinton was not happy as he was once again working for someone else. Then it dawned on him; he found a way to make money to support his family and do something he liked. The answer for him was catering, he loved to cook, and he could profit from it.
photo by Quinton Whipper

Quinton created a new business called New York Famous Hotdogs. Quinton invested in a hotdog cart and began to service local businesses, schools, and private parties. Although, he was heading to a bright path, life would make Quinton work for his dream. He had a fallout with his co-business owner due to disagreements with the directions of the business and a difference in ethics.

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To make things worse, Quinton lost his hero, his father, Benjamin Whipper. When most would have folded to pressure, Quinton pushed even harder to his dreams. Instead of taking time off he pushed to expand his business. He took his business to a larger market, Columbia, South Carolina.

Quinton's parents, Benjamin & Michelle Whipper

Quinton’s parents, Benjamin & Michelle Whipper

In Columbia, Quinton invested in another hotdog cart, a food truck, and a grill. He created another business, Scott Benny’s Food Truck, which was named and dedicated to his late father. Business was expanding so quickly he had to hire additional staff to accommodate the sudden demand for his services. Quinton serviced companies such as AT&T, Amazon, Chevrolet, and the United Way.

Photo by Quinton Whipper

Quinton Whipper is this week’s underdog. Despite the obstacles life throws at everyone, Quinton was one of those who persevered. As we get older in age, we sometimes question our destinies and take fewer risks. As we grow older as adults, we focus on things that will have immediate impacts on our lives. Other outside components such as family, stability, and things that seem rational take control of our decisions in life. Fortunately for Quinton he followed his heart and stuck with dreams despite what obstacles and curves life threw at him.

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