The Land Bootcamp

An hour after sunrise Omari Dyson kicks off his Land Boot Camp; a camp to help people with weight loss.   The camp is hosted by the YMCA of Orangeburg, South Carolina. Behind the YMCA, you will see a field filled with objects that are similar to items you can find at your home. A sledgehammer, different sized tires, a bowling ball, and a gym bag and cranberry juice bottle filled with rocks are a few of the many items you would find on the ground. Is this just a gimmick or does this unorthodox workout work for individuals trying to improve their health?

IMG_0063Originally the camp met on Saturdays, but now meets on Tuesdays at 8:15 AM and last until 9:30 AM.   The Land Boot Camp challenges its members to complete ten out of the 15 exercises offered, and doing 20 repetitions of each exercise.  In the camp, you will run laps with a parachute on your back, dragging a tire across a field, lunging with a pipe filled with water, or lifting a bowling ball up and down.  Dyson trusts the Land Boot Camp will produce better results than working out in a traditional gym.  According to Dyson, “tradition has its benefits but keep us complacent, and the camp workout take us out of a normal routine and bring us back outdoors. “  Dyson believes the different exercises allow members to work different muscles at one time.  Also, the workouts are different therefore it will keep the members engaged and keep them from getting bored from doing the same routines over and over again.  By exercising outdoors, the Land Camp will symbolize real-life applicability whether it’s lifting a cinderblock or dragging a tire across the field.

The camp consists of diverse members from different parts of the country, they have variances in ages and come from different cultural backgrounds. The Land Camp is not biased because it targets anyone who wants to be challenged. Despite its wide audience range, Dyson notices women are mostly interested in the camp. “Men are outside of the scope from what they are used to; when you look at muscle magazines, most of them, the guys are in the gym,” Dyson states. He believes this affects men outlook on working outdoors.


The Land Boot Camp workout is beneficial for people who cannot afford to go the gym and consist of great exercises for cardiovascular health. One benefit that members of the camp shared was its inspiration and motivation. The idea of working with someone else and having them not only compete with you but also to push you to your limits. Richard Salley, a camp member, says “It’s fun, give you the motivation to be out here with people every week; you don’t want to be less than the next person.” Richard at the age of 54 has been a member for five weeks and he sees results in muscles he forgot he had.

The Land Boot Camp has positive reviews from its members.  The only drawback is the camp only meets once a week.   The members are receptive to newcomers, and everyone seems to be family.  An unhealthy diet and lack of exercise can cause obesity that can lead to other diseases that do not discriminate against anyone, but neither does the Omari Dyson’s Land Boot Camp.


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